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8 Homemade Makeup Tutorials — from: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/8-homemade-makeup-tutorials/

8 Homemade Makeup Tutorials

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8 Homemade Makeup Tutorials

Many of the cosmetics we apply on our face, lips and around our eyes are packed full of harmful chemicals, many of which have been linked to cancer. A number of cosmetic companies also have loose morals with a large proportion of them still testing their products on animals.  Plus, store bought makeup can be outrageously expensive considering how easy it is to make your own makeup at home.

This blog post will reveal how you can throw away every item of makeup you own and replace it with natural homemade alternatives…

Homemade Lipstick – This is a really simple recipe that can be customized with different colors by using beetroot powder for red hues or cocoa powder for brown hues. You can also add custom scents with a few drops of essential oil. Get the full tutorial at WellnessMama.com here.

8 Homemade Makeup TutorialsHomemade Foundation – This foundation uses a base of arrowroot powder plus a combination of cocoa powder, ground cinnamon and nutmeg to customize the color. It’s really easy to make and helps to smooth out any blemishes. Find out how to make it at ThankYourBody.com here.

Homemade Translucent Powder – This is really easy. You simply have to mix three very cheap and natural ingredients together (cornstarch, French green clay and cocoa) and you have a natural translucent powder ready to apply on your face! To find out the exact measurements and to get full instructions, visit GreatOakCircle.com here.

Homemade Blush – This is an easy to adjust recipe so you can customize it to work perfectly with your skin type. Like the foundation recipe, this blush uses arrowroot as a base and requires the addition of hibiscus powder and cinnamon to customize the color. Find outhow to make it at ThankYourBody.com here.

Homemade Bronzer – Give your face a healthy glow with this DIY bronzer recipe. It’s slightly more complex than the previous tutorials but it works great for your skin! Find out how to make it at HumbleBeeAndMe.com here.

8 Homemade Makeup TutorialsHomemade Eyeliner & Eyeshadow – This DIY eyeliner and eyeshadow uses just one ingredient (activated charcoal) and water to create the easiest and cheapest eyeliner ever made – but it still works great. Get thefull tutorial at ABlossomingLife.com here.

Homemade Mascara – This DIY mascara is made from coconut oil, aloe vera gel, grated beeswax and activated charcoal. It works just as well as store bought mascara but without the dangerous chemicals and the high price tag. Get the full tutorial at ThankYourBody.com here.

Homemade Makeup Remover Wipes – It’s no use applying all natural makeup if you are simply going to wipe it off with chemical packed wipes. Instead make these all natural makeup remover wipes and keep your face chemical free. Get the full tutorial at OneGoodThingByJille.com here.

Ditch your cosmetics, save money, reduce the toxic load on your skin and make your own all natural makeup at home!

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