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Heart Pillow

Bob and I were recently in NY City and we walked by the Anthropologie Store windows. I will upload a few of the pictures at another time, but the windows were fantastic.. This pillow idea is wonderful!!!  Got to get sewing in the very near future… ET


Are there any stores or websites that you just LOVE??You peek at their online website every chance you get and admire from your sofa all the beautiful things. And when you win the power ball you can afford not one but maybe even two Anthropologie Heart Collector Pillows for $198 each. I have been loving this Anthropologie Pillow for a little while now and thought “I’m sure I can make this.” 

Anthropologie Inspired Heart Pillow

It took some time but here is my version or the Anthropologie inspired Pillow I made. Here is the Anthropologie Heart Pillow you can buy online for $198. Mine cost under $5 to make. I looked through my home to see if I could do it for free but didn’t have the right color fabric. I found a pillowcase in the taupe fabric for $1.95 and doubled it and found a pair of hand me down pants (in the donate bag) of my daughters for the hearts and a bag of stuffing for $.95 = Under $5 bucks. Step by Step tutorial is on the blog. It took me about three hours to make this. I did stop to answer emails and switch laundry but just know to carve out some time when you’re gonna make it. It mixes well with any color in your home, like reds or neutrals too. I LOVE the way it turned out and especially loved that I save $187 too. I hope you

To see more: http://concordcottage.com/anthropologie-inspired-heart-pillow-2/

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