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Why am I doing all this?????

It’s a long story, so way back in the day, even before some of you were born I was a skinny child. Yes, there was enough food, but my family ate wisely. My Mom and Dad both worked so dinner had to be prepared in advance or made quickly. Since we are talking about the days before fast food, take out, and delivery, my Mom had to be resourceful. That is why I learned to make pot roast at age nine. It became one of my specialties. I still remember slicing vegetables and browning them in bacon fat. Then adding the meat and popping it in the oven, or covering it with a tight lid and cooking it on the stove with the liquid from a can of vegetables, usually green beans or tomatoes.  I would experiment with  spices, whatever vegetables we had on hand, and then adding different liquids to help the meat cook. My parents thought I was a fantastic cook and it saved them a lot of time. I have always added to the ideas that I started as a child.

Now, I use spices with almost everything that’s cooking. My motto is: ‘Start with a recipe and adjust it with whatever I have on hand.’ Unfortunately over the years my family has had many delicious meals, but I was often unable to reproduce them, because I didn’t write down the changes. Now I have a way to record what I’m cooking and keep it for future use and share with others.

I have been eating a lower carbohydrate diet for for about 5 years. This Spring my husband, Bob, and I started the South Beach Diet. It was very successful for him and for a while for me. Then I had a surgery and became less active, but didn’t stop eating. Now I need to get serious again and make sure I’m eating correctly and doing some exercise every day.  Now that I’m keeping track of the recipes, I will be able to make again the ones that my family likes best, share with others, and get your feedback..

Let me thank you now for any feedback that you give..

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