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Chicken Salad with Walnuts and White Grapes.. on Pumpernickel Bread or toast..

To allow the flavors to marinade..  Chill the chicken mixture a few hours before making sandwiches..


3 Cups of chopped cooked chicken– I used legs and thighs.. I chopped them in my Magic Bullet..

1 Cup Walnuts chopped fine..

1 Cup finely chopped Celery..

1 Cup Seedless Grapes chopped — I used White Grapes..

1 minced Sweet Onion.. Experiment with different Onions for your favorite flavor..

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce..

1 cup Miracle Whip to taste.. You may need more to make spreading on the Romaine easier..


Combine all ingredients; chill  for a few hours or overnight..

Serve with Romaine Lettuce on Pumpernickel bread or toast..

Hint: lightly spread the bread with Miracle Whip to help ingredients stay on the bread..

You may serve on your favorite bread, crackers, pita chips, etc. or serve alone on the Romaine as a salad. If you made this as a salad you might want to use red seedless grapes to add some color..

I especially like this recipe because it combines a good mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables with the protein in the chicken and walnuts .

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