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Apple and Cinnamon water.. It is refreshing. I like it about to try it with sparking water..

Use a 2 quart glass pitcher. fill half full of ice (adjust amounts of water and ice to suit your tastes), filtered if possible, add filtered water.. Slice up one of your favorite apples and add a stick of cinnamon..  Or add organic cinnamon if you have it.. Swirl, let stand in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, then pour yourself  a glass.

This should provide enough flavor and taste to keep you wanting more. It’s a refreshing change from lemon water.

If you have a “Soda Stream”  you could use sparkling water.. or I guess you could buy sparkling water if that suits your taste..

It is certainly worth a try because it has no  refined “sugar” in it..

As I think of new  ways to make this I will add others..

I have been drinking this for over a week now. I can say that it is better when cold, and I replace with fresh filtered water to it as I drink some. I have a Soda Stream machine so I have made it with sparkling water too.. 


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