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GRAB LIFE BY THE LEMONS: 10 WAYS TO USE CITRUS AT HOME : from :: https://brightnest.com

Date: April 07 2013 | Author: Ashley | Category: Clean

When life “hands you lemons,” you can do a lot more than make lemonade. With dozens of simple, non-toxic uses for lemon around the house, this yellow citrus is a great item to add to your grocery list and a powerful cleaning agent. If you want to get more from this versatile fruit, check out ten of our favorite uses for lemons:

1. Clean your glass. To give your windows and mirrors a streak-free shine, all you need are some boiled lemon rinds and a coffee filter!

2. Freshen a humidifier. If your humidifier is starting to smell a little stale, freshen up the aroma by adding a few teaspoons of lemon juice to the water. Your home will smell fresh – and have the perfect level of humidity!

3. Eco-friendly air fresheners. Want a fresher smelling kitchen? Simmer a combination of lemon zest, cinnamon and baking soda in a pot to eliminate stubborn odors from last night’s dinner (or the trashcan).

4. Clean copper. If your copper needs a quick shine, grab a lemon and some salt. Microwave your lemon for ten seconds, and then cut it in half. Dip the juicy side of the lemon into the salt, then vigorously rub your copper. The stains will disappear and your copper will shine like a new penny!

5. Tackle soap scum. If you want to be a soap scum ninja, squeeze lemon juice directly onto the stubborn scum, let sit for a few minutes and wipe away the mess with ease.

6. Remove ants. If ants have invaded your space, reach for lemons instead of a chemical-based spray. Boil a handful of lemon peels with one cup of water, then slowly pour the solution over any anthills to get rid of them.

7. Clean your garbage disposal. To get rid of that garbage disposal funk, all you need is one lemon, a few teaspoons of baking soda and 60 seconds of free time.

8. Polish furniture.  If you’re looking for a fresh-smelling, all-natural furniture polish, mix one-part lemon juice with two-parts olive oil. Massage the mixture into your furniture for a smooth, shiny finish.

9. Erase ink spots. If your pocket protector failed you, erase those nasty ink spots with lemon juice! Douse the stain with the citrus as soon as you can, and then wash it in a cold cycle.

10. Quench your thirst. You’ve worked hard, reward yourself! Dirty up a glass, add lemon juice, tequila and honey. Repeat as necessary.

mizzeliz comment: I do not recommend # 10 as it reads.. Skip the tequila, and start another project:

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